Typical Consulting Engineering Services

Design, Documentation and Post Tender Activities

Schematic Design

    • Evaluate and comment on Client’s Brief or prepare returnable brief for Client’s approval;
    • Preliminary Design and Sketches;
    • Review and adjust after consultation with Client;
    • Report on proposal;
    • Preliminary estimate of cost;

Design Development

  • Develop preliminary design and sketches, revise in accordance with Client’s instructions and costs limits;
  • Review and adjust to satisfy the Client’s instructions;
  • Attend Consultant’s and Client design meetings;
  • Final report on design proposal;
  • Estimate of cost;

At this point the client may establish, in conjunction with a trade contractor a guaranteed maximum price.

Contract Documents

    • Preliminary tender drawings and design calculations;
    • Final tender drawings and final design calculations;
    • Provide attendance at Consultant team and Client conferences;
    • Integrate services with other disciplines;
    • Drafting, editing, and typing of specification;
    • Revised estimate of cost based on contract documents;

Contract Administration

  • Calling tenders;
  • Advising on tender submissions;
  • Reviewing subcontractors workshop drawings;
  • Administration of subcontract including advice on progress payments and variations;
  • Regular site Inspections & Provision of Defects Reports;
  • Final Inspection;
  • Administering defect liability period and warranties;

We also provide pier review services of third party designs, inspections and reports.

Form 15 can be issued for designs by other after a review and acceptance of the design.